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sample collection, screening and PREVENTION

We help you monitor your health and wellness.

Blood sample collection, screening and medical analysis services in Vaudreuil-Dorion

At our private medical clinic, we’re pleased to offer sample collection and laboratory testing services that are quick, efficient, reliable and personalized to meet the needs of each individual patient. Our experienced, attentive nursing staff invites you to visit our offices, where your confidentiality is guaranteed while we collect various blood samples and perform various analyses and screening tests (for STBBIs, drugs, etc.). By scheduling your appointment with our clinic online, you’ll avoid the long lines and wait times you have to endure when you visit a hospital or the sample collection department at an Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS). You’ll have your appointment within the next 24 to 48 hours. You should be aware, however, that before you can use our services, you must get an order for sample collection, screening or laboratory analysis from your treating physician.

In order to offer you sample collection, screening and laboratory services as quickly as possible and ensure the quality of the results, we’ve entered into a partnership with Dynacare, a highly reputable private medical laboratory that has been working in the field for many years. As a result, we can report the results of the majority of laboratory analyses to your treating physician within 24 hours. Furthermore, if your results ever indicate an abnormality, our clinic’s experienced physician, Dr. Martin Potter, or another member of our medical team will get in touch with your treating physician as quickly as possible to relay your results.

Most company group insurance and private insurance plans cover our sample collection, screening and laboratory testing services. To facilitate the claims process, we’ll provide you with a detailed receipt. Our team would be happy to inform you regarding the current fees for our private medical laboratory services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

prélèvement et dépistage
Our nursing staff will take all of the necessary samples in order for our medical laboratory to carry out various screening, testing and culturing activities, including the following:

Prevention of HIV transmission with PrEP​

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an effective method for preventing HIV transmission. It consists of taking antiretroviral (anti-HIV) drugs in the form of tablets. These drugs, taken daily by an HIV-negative person, prevent infection in the event of exposure to HIV. The drug is available on prescription: you can contact our clinic to get this preventive treatment and obtain follow-up. With regular monitoring, PrEP can prevent the sexual transmission of HIV in almost 100% of cases. PrEP can be taken on a regular basis or on demand (in the days before and after sexual intercourse) and we can advise you on the treatment adapted to your situation.

Note that PreP is a preventive treatment, which must be taken before and after possible exposure to HIV. It must be distinguished from PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis, which must be taken quickly after possible exposure to HIV (maximum period of 72 hours).

dépistage et traitement ITSS et prep

Your private medical laboratory in Vaudreuil-Dorion
Fast and reliable screening solutions

No matter what type of screening, analysis, blood tests or cultures your physician has ordered, our clinic in Vaudreuil-Dorion can offer you private medical laboratory services that are quick, efficient and confidential, in addition to follow-up of your results with our experienced family physician, Dr. Martin Potter. Monitoring your health and wellness is our top priority!